Sportswear Donation Drive 2022

During April and May 2022, an open donation drive for active/sportswear and footwear was organised and promoted by both organisations. Two social media posts a week generated interest and donations were gathered by Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) then processed by ApparelXchange (AXC) at their warehouse to be re-packaged and distributed to those most in need.

  • To reduce clothing going to landfill and protecting the environment 
  • To increase access to quality clothing for those who need it most and tackle poverty 
  • To remove barriers for participating in sport and physical activity and address health inequalities 

Clothing has become a disposable commodity and, in the UK alone, £140m worth of clothing reaches the bin each year. To compound this, it is projected by 2030, average consumption is thought to rise by 63% worldwide, causing even more pollution and destroying habitats.

We wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of the growing problem of over-consumption and fast fashion. This initiative would help divert clothing from landfill whilst making quality and affordable clothing available to those who need it most and enable them to participate in sport and physical activity.

The project combined the strengths of both organisations, including enabling young people to be active through sport and physical activity, reusing clothing and reducing the impact of waste on the environment.  Donations were received from over 20 organisations and individuals external to SSF.

General Insights:

  • Garment quality was of a high standard and some good brands which presented high re-use rate
  • Poor quality of several pairs of footwear (soles worn off / no grip) so these had to be taken for recycling
  • Lots of garments were larger sizes which were ideal for older youths but some passed on to other charities

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