Training for Practitioners

At SSF, we truly believe that sport has the power to change lives. Our training packages have been designed to support individuals and organisations to take a person-centred approach and embed it within their practice. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure everyone has access to sport and physical activity and the wider benefits that come with it.

Our modules can be delivered in a variety of styles to support professionals to embed a ‘Sport for Change’ approach within their practice.

Training for Young People

We also offer a package of practical and interactive modules tailored to the individual needs of young people. ETC offers fun personal development to young people at various stages of their journey.

We deliver workshops that take a youth work approach to sport out with a traditional classroom environment. We empower young people to shape their learning and develop confidence and transferable skills to take back into their communities.  

ETC Modules

Working with Young People in Sport

The first module offers an introduction to understanding young people and the role of the coach.

Human Connection

This module aims to develop awareness of the importance of building relationships and the ‘human connection’ as part of effective coaching.

Planning Effective Physical Activity Programmes

This practical modules utilises Kolb’s learning cycle (Plan – Do – Review) to explorethe benefits of sport and physical activity and planning effective, outcome-based programmes.


A practical module building understanding around the use of communication in sport and its applications beyond.

Goal Setting

A practical module building understanding around how transferable goal setting skills can be developed through participation in sport.

Conflict Resolution

This module will build on themes introduced in ‘Working with Young People in Sport’, to provide participants with practical tools for dealing with conflict, aggression, and challenging behaviour in a sports setting.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity

Developed with SAMH, this module provides an opportunity to explore mental health and wellbeing within a sporting context and looks at how to create conversations around these topics.

Human Connection and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Developed in partnership with the Violence Reduction Unit Scotland (VRU), this module looks at the relationship between ACEs and sport and physical activity.

“SSF are very good at engaging with all people regardless of their ability, confidence, and experience. This makes everyone relax and achieve during workshops.”

“ETC deliver fantastic modules with exceptional tutors.”

Further information on our modules can be found here.

SCQF Accreditation

Six of the modules are SCQF-accredited through Glasgow Kelvin College. 

This allows participants to receive tangible recognition for their completion of the modules and something to add to their CV. 

Further information on SCQF and where ETC fits can be found here.

Tutor Training

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ model upskills practitioners, working directly with young people, to deliver our six SCQF-accredited ETC modules. An excellent option for those looking to embed the ETC modules within schools and community programmes, or simply for their own professional development.

Bespoke workshops

We offer unique training opportunities designed to address the challenges faced by individuals and organisations who use sport to engage with young people.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive education provider. Our excellent tutors are experienced in adapting course content to offer suitable options for all.


How do I find out more?

With 20 years of experience designing, delivering and evaluating ‘Sport for Change’ programmes, we pride ourselves as being one of the leading organisations in the field. 

SSF will work with partners across the country to organise ETC sessions where requested. If you would like to arrange a session, or would like further information, please email us or call 0141 218 4640.