Education Through Cashback Update Oct 2021

The Education Through CashBack (ETC) team have been working incredibly hard over the past year on the development of two brand new modules, which are launching  in September 2021. The research, consultation and partnership work which has gone into these new modules is person-centred and evidence-based therefore enhancing the learning experience for all trainees. We have purposely chosen these two topics as we have found that they are not being spoken about enough in sport yet are having a massive impact on the lives of people.

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Here’s all you need to know about each of the new modules…

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity (16+ years)

Developed with SAMH and supported by sportscotland, The Gannochy Trust and CashBack for Communities. This  module provides an opportunity to explore mental health and wellbeing within a sporting context and looks at how to create conversations around these topics.

The need for education around mental health is ever growing with one in four people in Scotland suffering from a mental health problem every year. That is five individuals in a class of twenty who could be suffering from mental health problems. It has been proven that physical activity and sport can help reduce depression and anxiety, with sport coaches and practitioners playing a massive role in supporting individuals with mental health problems.

It is still essential that we promote environments which are conscious to potential impacts on an individual’s mental wellbeing and create supportive spaces which enable mental health and wellbeing conversation to happen. This module explores the signs and symptoms of someone struggling with poor mental health and provides practical tools to create a safe space in which to have mental health and wellbeing conversations.

Individuals who attended delivery said:

“The module allowed me to fully understand the positive impact I can have on the individuals in my sporting session. From creating a safe environment to allow them to have open conversations, to ensuring I am using as much of the 5 ways of wellbeing in my sessions as I can.”

“I thought I already had a pretty good understanding of mental health, and the impact of sport can have on an individual, but this module allowed me to expand my knowledge and gave me resources I can use later on to support my participants”

Human Connection and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) (16+ years)

Developed in partnership with the Violence Reduction Unit Scotland (VRU) and supported by the National Trauma Team for the Scottish Government and sportscotland. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are used to describe a wide range of stressful or traumatic experiences that babies, children and young people can be exposed to whilst growing up. It has been studied that as the number of adverse childhood experiences increased for an individual child, so did their risk of experiencing a range of physical and mental health conditions  during their lifetime.

This module aims to upskill and increase the knowledge of sports practitioners who are working with young people in a sport and physical activity environment. The module looks at the importance of human connection and the relationship between ACEs and sport & physical activity.

Individuals who attended delivery said:

“I am more knowledgeable, making me think back to children I've coached and how situations would have impacted them…Really enjoyed it!!”

“A great workshop/course. I really enjoyed the detailed information provided throughout and the window of tolerance video was a fantastic eye opener.”

The modules are currently being delivered online, with a view to move to having the option of in person in the future.

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