SSF National Team Jan 2022

National Wellbeing Workshops

Our amazing Wellbeing Ambassadors have been out doing a fantastic job delivering Wellbeing Workshops, covering the topics of “What is Anxiety”, “Motivation”, “Social Interactions”, “Stress”, and “Pressure”.  

Over the past month, we have been thrilled to kick start training for the new intake of Wellbeing Ambassadors. Our team delivered a training day at Reidvale Community Hall, where the new Wellbeing Ambassadors from all areas gathered to understand more about their role within the programme and influence how workshops will be delivered over the course of the year. 

The training day started off with our experienced Wellbeing Ambassadors talking through the process and purpose of each of the Wellbeing Workshops. They then led us through some fun games that showed us the benefit of social interactions (and brought out our competitive side!!). Lastly, we finished off with a workshop from SAMH, talking about what mental health means to us, and engaging in great conversations around mental health stigma.

What’s next?  

The Wellbeing Ambassadors have a few more training sessions, then will be out and about to a session near you! They’ll be delivering to schools, youth groups, SSF programmes and even more! Excited to see what 2022 holds for the Wellbeing team! 

For more information or to book a Wellbeing Workshop please contact 



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