SSF Gives Young People a Sporting Chance:2:Be Oct 2021

Govan based sports enthusiasts recently completed a SSF Chance:2:Be programme delivered by Scottish Sports Futures.

The programme is designed for young people aged 15 and over who enjoy physical activity and are not engaging in education, employment or training.

Using sport as the tool to engage young people, the sixteen-week initiative, which is held in Harmony Row Youth Club, provides personal development programmes. It explores the challenges they face, enables them to set goals, and access training.

“Many of our young people have had to overcome trauma or faced adversity and so school has often not been a positive experience. Our programme builds confidence, inspires them, and provides a safe environment where they can be listened to and supported to establish what they want to do”.

The programme is delivered in partnership with Govan Youth Information Project and is sponsored by Cashback For Communities, Bank of Scotland Foundation, Glasgow City Council, and Youth Link Scotland.

Scottish Sports Futures use the power of sport and physical activity to engage with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in Scotland and empower them to be confident, healthy and happy. We do this using our proven and recognised Sport for Change model and its range of person-centred, youth-led programmes that provide positive experiences, inspiring role models, engaging social education, training, and youth volunteering opportunities. As a result, we seek to encourage a positive change in young people’s attitudes and behaviour that enables them to recognise and fulfil their potential, and to make a valuable contribution to their peers and their community.

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