SSF Families Update Oct 2021

Families in Cranhill and Parkhead are enjoying newfound wellbeing thanks to a unique programme delivered by Scottish Sports Futures.

The 12-week intensive initiative is aimed at building both parents and children’s confidence around health and wellbeing by introducing a fun approach to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, as well as physical activity with built in aftercare from the programme.

“Navigating your way through healthy eating and exercise can feel overwhelming for many people and if they don’t know how to make a start it’s easier to continue with long standing habits. We look at things like managing fussy eating and how to read food labels and come up with practical ways to help people gain confidence and easily implement daily changes that will make a difference. We also engage the whole family, getting parents/carers and children to work together to make collective changes and its success is life-changing”.

The programme is free and the weekly sessions are held at Cranhill Development Trust and Helenslea Community Hall.  Sponsors include Cranhill Development Trust, Helenslea Community Hall, Young Start (Lottery Community Fund), Investing in Communities (Scottish Government) and Glasgow Community Fund.

Scottish Sports Futures use the power of sport and physical activity to engage with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in Scotland and empower them to be confident, healthy and happy. We do this using our proven and recognised Sport for Change model and its range of person-centred, youth-led programmes that provide positive experiences, inspiring role models, engaging social education, training, and youth volunteering opportunities. As a result, we seek to encourage a positive change in young people’s attitudes and behaviour that enables them to recognise and fulfil their potential, and to make a valuable contribution to their peers and their community.

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