SSF Chance:2:Be East Central Residential Oct 2022

The SSF Chance:2:Be programme is a personal development programme for young people who may be disengaged from education and/or at risk of entering the criminal justice system. Over the course of the 16-week programme, we aim to get young people to gain: confidence, qualifications, teamwork skills, employability skills, connections into their local communities, new experiences, and to leave into a positive destination.

For the launch of the most recent SSF Chance:2:Be programme in Stirling and Fife, the East Central team conducted consultation with both programmes to ascertain how the young people would like to celebrate graduating from the programme. It was decided by our young people they would like to do a joint residential, showcasing how far they had come throughout the programme. This was the first ever SSF Chance:2:Be residential, bringing together a total of 16 young people from three different high schools and two local authorities. The young people completed a two-night, three day residential at Auchengillan Outdoor Education Centre.

“When will we do this again? I can’t wait to see everyone again.”

The residential and all activities planned were designed to take young people out of their comfort zones in a way that suited their needs and abilities. The overall aim of the trip was to ensure all young people gained a new, positive experience alongside gaining new friends for life. For many of the young people we work with at SSF they will not have experienced a summer holiday and often do not get the opportunity to meet new people out with their own local communities. This residential allowed our young people to truly embrace being a young person by having fun in a safe environment all whilst learning and benefitting from the great outdoors.

“This is the best couple-a days of my life!”

During our time at the residential, our young people took part in over 9 activities which incorporated our core aims of the programme. An example of some of the instructor led activities we took part in included; raft building, abseiling and rock climbing. They built general life skills through our baking workshop and orienteering as well as starting and ending our day with yoga.  The young people made friends and memories to last a lifetime!




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