Local Young People Create Safe Friday Night Activity

A group of brilliant local young volunteers have worked together to re-launch a community basketball session in Benarty to ensure that other young people can benefit from the initiative in the same way that they did themselves.

The volunteers led by Ewan Mcturk gained support from local councillor Mary Lockhart to secure a new venue and have planned a fundraising disco later this year. Ewan commented:

“There are lots of young people walking around the streets without anything to do so I wanted to provide them with a safe, social environment where they can have fun and play basketball.”

The group of volunteers receive training and support from Scottish Sports Futures, a charity focussed on using sport as a tool to change lives. They have put learning into practice in re-launching the session which initially started at Lochgelly High School in 2013. These awesome young people really want to make a positive difference in their community so have taken on all leadership aspects of this project from coaching at the sessions to marketing to get kids off the streets.

Shell Twilight sessions are designed to provide fun and engaging sports activity for young people aged 11 to 21 years and to give them access to a positive experience at times which can see higher levels of anti-social behaviour. The new sessions are free and will operate every Friday night from 6.30pm to 9pm for both males and females at the Benarty Centre in Ballingry.

Shell Twilight is supported by title sponsors Shell and the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities fund, which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.

The national diversionary programme, sponsored by Shell UK Ltd, aims to ensure young people have a safe place to take part in physical activity, make friends and learn a range of skills. The sessions also address a range of issues through interactive workshops such as mental health and wellbeing. Training opportunities are also available to support young people to achieve their full potential.

Shell UK Ltd.’s Communications & Social Performance Advisor, John Raine commented on the initiative: “Shell Twilight is an exciting initiative that is making a real contribution to social inclusion by giving young people the opportunity to make a number of positive choices for their futures while having fun and learning vital skills.”

“Shell support communities near to our UK operations in a number of ways, through activities that meet community needs or address particular issues, often based on their suggestions. Our contribution to communities ranges from providing grants to local charities to supporting projects that help reduce crime in the area.”

For more information on the session in Banarty please get in touch.

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