East Central Update Jan 2022

The East Central Team has continued to work closely with partners to develop programmes, continuing to put young people, sessional staff, and volunteers at the heart of everything we do!


Fife SSF Chance:2:Be, 12-week delivery, is complete and aftercare is well underway. Our celebration trip to Cluny Clays was a major success with young people getting the opportunity to take part in new experiences including, clay pigeon shooting, segway’s, and football golf. The staff and young people that were involved with the programme are a credit to themselves and SSF. We cannot wait for programme two!

“That was class, I didn’t know I could do that. I would have never have done that before if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks so much, ya bunch of legends.”


The team has settled into Stirling over the past 3 months, building positive relationships with partners and getting to know local communities. We have five new sessional workers, Kimberley Wyllie, Dechlan Nicol, Kyle Wishart, Cameron Fairweather and Nicola McDonald who have been undergoing training preparing for the launch of our programmes in December and January! Thanks to our partners at SAMH, our staff have undergone training including ‘How to have a mental health conversation’ and ‘Youth Suicide Prevention Training’ amongst many more. Thanks to Stirling University, we now have two students recruited as sessional workers for our Active:2Grow programme. Both will bring great knowledge and expertise, whilst continuing their studies of Sport and Psychology. We cannot wait to see our sessional workers positively impact the lives of young people within Stirling.

Stirling Programme Update

Active:2:Grow launched on the 6th December at the Cornton Community Centre. We have young people attending from various local schools thanks to our partnership working with Active Schools. Referrals are still open for young people in Stirling aged 12-14 until the end of January.

Shell Twilight launched the same week, on Friday 10th December at Bannockburn High School. We worked closely consulting with young people, local police, high schools and Stirling Council to ensure the programme is delivered at a time which meets the needs of the local community.

Programme 1 of SSF Chance:2:Be will be delivered in Bannockburn in January. We have referrals in place, lots of planning for exciting trips and have incredible role models lined up to visit the sessions. Massive thank you to Bannockburn and Eastern Villages Community Hub for allowing us to use the amazing space to deliver our programme, we know the pool table is going to go down a treat!

Team Update!

In November we welcomed Paige Boyle, our new Youth Development Coordinator for Fife to the team! Paige was a well-known face amongst SSF programmes in Fife as a lead sessional worker at both Active:2:Grow and SSF Chance:2:Be. Our SSF programmes in Lochgelly are thriving and we can’t wait for Paige to have her input as a Youth Development Coordinator into the programmes and continue to develop SSF’s delivery in Fife. Since starting, Paige has been working closely with new local referrers for programme 2 of our SSF Chance:2:Be in Fife which will begin in January.

“I am very excited to part of the East Central Team and be a full time member of staff at SSF. I can’t wait to work closely with sessional staff and partners to develop our young people and ongoing programmes in Fife.”

For further information about any delivery within the Stirling area please contact Chanelle@ssf.org.uk and for Fife area please contact Paige@ssf.org.uk.

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