Young Leaders in North Ayrshire

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) Young Leaders have been working closely alongside North Ayrshire (NA) Active Schools to recruit and train their NA Sports Academy students, preparing them to volunteer and become “Young Leaders” with the Irvine Shell Twilight session at The Portal on Friday nights.

The partnership with NA Active Schools has been a roaring success and has recruited 12 students to join the Young Leaders programme. The newly formed Young Leaders group took part in a socially distanced induction night at Greenwood Academy, which consisted of the young people and staff getting to know each other through many youth-work games.

“It was an excellent night where we (SSF Staff) got to meet the very excited and keen students. We learned about the young people’s own personal stories and ambitions of what they hoped to gain during their time in the Young Leaders programme.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – SSF Youth Development Coordinator 

With the support of Cashback for Communities and Children in Need funding, the Young Leaders programme is designed to provide young people with valuable opportunities to learn, develop, mature and flourish into young adults as they begin their volunteering journey. Young People will be given all the support they need to become successful as they volunteer at the Irvine Shell Twilight session; complete formal qualifications; plan for future employment; and have the opportunity to participate in voluntary opportunities with SSF.

The Young Leaders programme continues to support young people across Glasgow, North Ayrshire, Fife and Stirling, with its sport for change, young person-led approach as we help strengthen communities and empower young people.

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