SSF South West Team Update Oct 2022

Over the course of the summer, SSF have worked closely in collaboration with KA Leisure, North Ayrshire Council and various partners to deliver a comprehensive offer of support to vulnerable young people in North Ayrshire.

Collaboratively we have co-delivered the NAC Free School Meals programme for vulnerable young people across multiple communities in North Ayrshire. Supporting this programme, SSF have engaged with a total of 536 young people, whilst utilising SSF Young Leaders to support this delivery, providing a total of 150 volunteer hours across vulnerable communities!

“This is the first sessions we have seen where all of the kids have joined in the sport. We have normally had about half that sit at the side and do crafts, but they all loved it!”

During this time SSF also worked closely with KA leisure to deliver a bespoke Shell Twilight session. We have worked collaboratively to identify and achieve mutual outcomes, including providing positive diversionary activity to encourage active participation among young people, and the co-delivery of youth work and educational inputs. We have also worked closely with additional partners such as NA Youth Services and the Royal Navy to provide additional content and opportunities for young people.

“This is awesome, are you coming tomorrow to deliver more games?”

Through this pilot programme, SSF and KA Leisure engaged with 27 new young people. With SSF Young Leaders supporting this session, we have delivered an additional 90 volunteering hours, and provided positive pathways and opportunities for all young people involved.
Through this collaborative approach we were successful in providing positive activities for young people within their local communities and have been able to signpost these young people to additional opportunities to continue being physically active, both through KA leisure Community Sport programmes and through internal SSF programmes.

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