Active:2:Grow 2023 National Launch

SSF have recently launched Active:2:Grow programmes across all four of our local authorities; Glasgow, Stirling, North Ayrshire and Fife.

The Active:2:Grow programme is a FREE 42 week wellbeing and multisport programme delivered in partnership with Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) in communities across Glasgow, Fife, Stirling and North Ayrshire.  

The Active:2:Grow programmes are funded by Comic Relief and offers young people a safe and inclusive environment to explore wellbeing, connect with peers, socialise and be active. We use the combination of SSF Wellbeing Workshops and physical activity to support young people to; 

  • Improve their mental health and wellbeing 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Better identify ways to take control over their lives and build resilience 
  • Develop their personal and physical skills 
  • Increase levels of physical activity 
  • Increase connections with the wider community

“It is great to see how well the young people have adapted to the wellbeing content. We were not sure how they would respond to it, but they have taken it right in their stride.”

“I like talking about this stuff (wellbeing content). It makes me think about how I act when I feel upset. I like chatting with the staff around my feelings and getting to know how to manage them”.

We are now opening recruitment for young people to get involved with our programmes in Glasgow (Govan) and Fife (Lochgelly).

    We are recruiting for young people!

    We are currently recruiting for more young people to join us! Our programme is FREE and open to young people aged 11+, all abilities welcome.


    Harmony Row Youth Club, Govan, G51 4SY



    Andrew Shaw


    Lochgelly High School Astro Pitches, Lochgelly, KY5 8LZ



    Paige Boyle


    Active:2:Grow launched in Stirling in June with 6 young people eager to play sports and build positive relationships with the staff.

    “I’m so excited to learn about anxiety in a fun way, every time you get taught about it it’s like sad, but being here is so fun.”

    Since the launch, participants attending have doubled to 12. In recently weeks we have explored what wellbeing and mental health means, as well as exploring our emotions and how we express them. The young people are now in a routine of journalling at each session, “It feels so good to just come in and journal how we are feeling and then go outside and play sports in the sun! It’s good vibes only when we are here!”

    This programme allows young people to access resources that may support with their overall wellbeing. One main aim of the programme is to get young people active and feeling more confident within themselves. As an organisation we understand the benefits to playing sport and being physically active, so our sessions always have a physical activity element where we always try something new.

    For further information regarding our Stirling Active:2:Grow programme, contact Chanelle Gallagher.

    North Ayrshire

    With the support of continued funding from Comic Relief, the month of May has seen the SSF South West team re-launch our Active:2:Grow programme in Irvine. This programme used the power of sport alongside youth work elements to talk to vulnerable young people about mental health and wellbeing, and better equip them to talk about and support their own physical and mental wellbeing. 

    The SSF team have worked closely with Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) to co-deliver the Active:2:Grow programme in each local authority area, adding specialised mental health and wellbeing support to the existing physical activity youth work provision from SSF.

    Regionally in North Ayrshire, we have also worked collaboratively with the North Ayrshire Fostering and Adoption team and the Ghillie Dhu project to co-deliver the Active:2:Grow programme, specifically supporting young people within the care system from across North Ayrshire.

    Delivering the Active:2:Grow programme alongside the Ghillie
    Dhu (NA fostering and adoption team) and SAMH has been so valuable in allowing us to adopt a targeted approach to our delivery, making sure the content reaches those young people and families most in need of this support across the local authority area.

    We are very much looking forward to pushing ahead with the Active:2:Grow delivery across the coming weeks and months with the support of
    Ghillie Dhu, SAMH and Comic Relief. 

    For further information regarding our North Ayrshire Active:2:Grow programme, contact Robyn Caldwell & Dylan Bingham.

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