SSF Gives Young People the Chance to Change Lives

SSF works with over 40 youth and sport organisations within the East End of Glasgow, encouraging and supporting partnership working. SSF aims to provide young people with volunteering opportunities, mentoring, qualifications and personal development through sport, physical activity and youth work.

Chance:2:Be is our personal development programme which aims to help young people who have an interest in sport and physical activity and want to gain more qualifications, building confidence and gain support to help them reach a positive destination. Throughout this programme it has been changing young peoples lives through sport since last April. This week we seen our most recent Chance:2:Be participants complete the 12 week programme and celebrated all their hard work and achievements at our celebration event where each young person received their certificates of the qualifications they gained during the course of the 12 weeks!

Throughout the 12 weeks it has been a privilege to see these young people develop into more confident individuals, and at the celebration event the young people were able to stand up in front of a crowd and chat about their journey with Active East. The young people have now gained seven extra qualifications that they have all worked hard for and we use sport and physical activity as our hook to ensure they achieve this. One of the participants during first aid training was doing CPR and expressed

“If you told me at the start of this programme I would be doing CPR I would never have believed you”

The programme has helped young people gain experience, move onto college courses, gain jobs and learn how to believe in their ability all through sport and physical activity proving that all the work that SSF to is truly changing lives through sport!

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