SSF Stirling Partnership Spotlight!

Collaborating with MXP Fitness Gym was a fantastic opportunity to engage young people in a positive and empowering fitness program. The 3x free sessions and the subsequent 4-week block of fitness and boxing sessions provided a structured and supportive environment for participants to not only enhance their boxing techniques but also cultivate essential life skills.

The focus on resilience and teamwork skills was particularly important. Young people learned that these qualities are not only crucial in the gym but also in various aspects of everyday life. Boxing, with its physical and mental demands, serves as an excellent platform for building resilience, teaching participants the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges.

This block of boxing encouraged 1 of our SSF participants to go back to boxing again as he was reminded of his love for the sport. Despite not having his own pair of boxing gloves, R has been going to his local gym in Alloa for 3 weeks now and has been showing SSF staff photos of his recent progress proudly. SSF staff have since invested in a pair of boxing gloves and gifted them to R so he could train safely and to encourage him to keep up the amazing work! 

On the last session, MXP coach Craig offered R a volunteer opportunity at MXP Fitness Gym and consequently R is now motivated to join our SSF Young Leaders programme.

We are very grateful for our partners at MXP Fitness Gym for providing safe, free sessions and also the commitment to developing the young peoples mindset and attitude alongside their fitness.

"I'm motivated to do more boxing now!"

"The young people improved their resilience and mindset throughout this 4-week block and pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones, working very hard!"

“Great to meet you and the troops yesterday. Hopefully, the session can give them some hope and ideas about what they can achieve in life with a little help and focus. I really enjoyed working with you and the guys yesterday. I sat down with my manager and put across another session for you. They are okay with you coming in for another 3 free training sessions. I think with another wee taster of our training techniques we can help progress the boys even further.”

Without all of our partners nationally, SSF wouldn’t be able to provide the high-quality delivery across all of our programmes, a massive thank you to each and every one of them.

For more information on our Stirling programmes please contact Neal Herbert.

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