Same identity. New face. Even bigger. Even bolder.

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new look! After 24 years, we are launching a new logo, reflecting the brighter futures of our young people. You’ll notice it is bigger, bolder and unapologetically reflecting who we are, the young people we support, and the work we do. 


Our brand identity has become stronger and more widely known. We wanted a change that reflected this growth and connected with the next generation of young people.

Our Young People voiced how much loyalty they had to key aspects of our brand identity such as the colour and the name. They wanted to see a change that was current, and one in which they were more connected with. With this information, we initiated our rebrand journey. 

What's changed?

Our new logo has changed to have a modernised look and feel.

We will continue to use sport in its widest sense, and we wanted to strengthen the words in our tagline to reflect the change which sport makes to the young people we work with. #TransformingYoungLivesThroughSport reinforces the transformative power that sport has.

The new emboldened star embodies the energy and unflinching spirit of the young people we are privileged to work with every day.

We have also worked on our brand identity, intentionally using more trauma informed language to better explain who we are, what we do, and the people we work with.

Thank you to the young people and our partners for all of the support and input they have had during this exciting phase; they have truly shaped this change.

The work we do, the people we work with and the programmes we run are all staying the same.

“SSF was founded in 2000, confident in the belief that when used intentionally, sport can transform young people’s lives. Our mission to ensure that every young person fulfils their potential remains unwavering and our resolve stronger than ever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brand Oath for helping us create a bold brand with messaging that connects us to more people and reinforces our ambition. Our new logo, featuring the new emboldened star reflects how our young people view their futures, bright, meaningful and with freedom to create positive change. Our young people have shaped our new look, remaining true to our roots and retaining the SSF identity. They have helped us develop a more current feel which will help us to reach and empower more young people. This is an important moment for SSF, one full of possibility and hope. Our new look reflects this, thank you for being part of that journey!”

“We had been aware of SSF’s work for over a decade. It was only by working with them through the branding process that we truly understood their value and impact. This was one of those projects where the sense of responsibility to get it absolutely right for SSF and the young people they serve. We discovered, for many of the young people, SSF played a huge role in their lives. Change had to be handled sensitively and respectfully, but we also needed to develop an identity that resonated with future SSF young people and partners. We are immensely proud to have played our part in preparing SSF for a future where they can communicate with clarity and confidence and continue to transform the lives of young people, living in challenging circumstances, for the better.”

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