East Central Update April 2022


Shell Twilight Bannockburn is delivered on a Friday night at Bannockburn High School from 7.15-9pm, right in the heart of the community, making it accessible for young people from across Bannockburn as well as the local villages of Cowie and Plean. We use youth work and physical activity as the tool to engage young people. The free session aims to provide a safe space for young people and allow them the opportunity to engage in physical activity, meeting new people and improving social skills.


Since the launch of the session, we have been working with local partners to engage young people. We have had consistent participation from our young people who attended the very first session in Bannockburn. These young people have developed genuine friendships and role models from the session, alongside taking part in various sports including Rugby, Football, Badminton and Basketball.

Young people have taken on leadership roles within the programme and enjoy peer learning and sharing games from different places. One of our young people loves to share games he learns at the Young Carers club he also attends, the wider group really enjoy taking part in youth-led activities; 

"Can we play M’s game please"

The session has become a real positive and safe place for young people. A massive shout out to our sessional staff who have really taken the SSF approach to delivery, showing up every week with love, care and empathy. 

“I really enjoyed that tonight thanks guys”

“I wish we can see you guys more”

"I am glad this is free"

We are super keen to engage with new young people aged 11+ within the local community. We aim to work with local partners to both provide new opportunities for young people attending the session and also to raise awareness to the session to increase numbers. The session is FREE to attend, water and snacks are provided. 

For more information, please contact Chanelle at Chanelle@ssf.org.uk or 07597583188.

Shell Twilight

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